Our 2022 Open Studio Story

We opened our studios in the garden of 69 Rushes Road on 20th August for 10 days.

Above are a series of pictures taken during the set up and early stages of the event. We had lots of lovely visitors and quite a few didn’t leave empty handed, which was great. We only had drizzle on a couple of days, on which we retreated to the conservatory in Margaret & Roy’s house. Other than that we pretty much enjoyed the sunshine.

The Petersfield post picked us up, and included us in this piece in their paper, published during the event period. Also, many of our neighbours popped in (no doubt intrigued by all the laughter coming from the garden!!). Helen and Theresa decided they would be moving in after the event, the tea and cakes were that good.

We all had a great time, and at the end, after 10 days of full on exhibiting, we closed our doors and cracked open a bottle (or three) to celebrate.


Our very own Margaret Newbigin seen here with her print of the signal box at Petersfield railway station that won a highly commended at the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition. She also picked up the best landscape award for her “snow on stone circle” oil painting.


We ran a little game. Visitors were invited to choose which of these designs would be the most popular and what percentage of the poll the winning coaster would achieve. The person picking the winning colour and getting the closest to the percentage would win the “Gonk Santa” on the left of the picture.

Congratulations to Mrs J D****** who picked Peacock Blue (bottom left) and got within 1 of the percentage of the poll. Gonk Santa will be winging your way in plenty of time for Christmas, Mrs D.